Surgical Skills Lab

The Surgical Skills Laboratory and Simulation Center

The overall mission for the MGH Surgical Skills Laboratory and Simulation Center is to enhance patient safety by providing a simulated environment where students and residents can learn and advance their technical skills prior to performing procedures on a patient. It also serves as a training field for surgeons to master some challenging technical innovations in an environment other than the operating room.

Location: The Surgical Skills Laboratory and Simulation Center is located on the fourth floor of the Illinois Masonic Medical Center, just next to Dept. of Surgery Administrative Offices and residents Room.

Access: A swipe-card entry allows access at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for any surgical resident. The lab is available also to Residents from Gynecology Residency Program as well to any Surgical and Gynecological Teaching Physician.


  • MIST-VR System (Minimally invasive Surgery Trainer with Virtual reality System) – it allows training of basic and advanced laparoscopic skills in virtual reality environment. Progress in training can be measured by well established and published criteria.
  • PROMIS – is an innovative simulator for learning the skills and techniques of minimally invasive surgery. ProMIS enables users to interact with virtual and physical models in the same unit while providing accurate, comprehensive feedback on performance.
  • Site Rite IV Bard Access System – Ultrasound helping to detect vessel for appropriate cannulation, i.e. subclavian or jugular central line placement
  • STORZ video towers, table and training system to replicate operating room environment for individual or team training with laparoscopic instruments.
  • SIM MAN – is a simulator for medical skills training, including management of different clinical scenarios
  • CENTRAL LINE MAN – this is a venous simulator to practice subclavian, supraclavicular or intrajugular line access.
  • FUNDAMENTALS OF LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY (FLS) system approved by SAGES. FLS is a comprehensive educational module designs to teach the physiology, fundamental knowledge and technical skills required for basic laparoscopy
  • Basic Open Surgical techniques stations, including suturing, knot tying, breast exam, prostate exams, etc.

All Interns entering the General Surgery MGH program are required to participate in the boot training that include multiple skills stations (iv line placement, arterial blood sampling, Foley catheter placement, basic suturing, knot tying, proper instrument handling, etc.).
Residents are required to show progress in their basic and advanced surgical skills as well as meet specific skills requirements as defined in Surgery residency teaching Curriculum.

For more information about the Surgical Skills Laboratory and Simulation Center, contact Cheryl Pitts-Williamson at 773-296-5347 or Skills Center Director, Marek Rudnicki, MD at the same number or by email at