Saint Francis Hospital

Saint Francis Hospital

Founded over 100 years ago, Saint Francis Hospital in Evanston is a 270 bed teaching institution serving patients from Chicago’s far north side and northern suburbs. There are more than 400 physicians on staff providing care for a diverse patient population that includes 78,000 outpatient visits, 9,000 admissions, 8,600 operative cases and 34,000 ER visits per year. Saint Francis has been designated as a “Top 100 Cardiac Hospital” and is also a Level I Trauma Center. It is also a chest pain and primary stroke center and has been designated a magnet hospital.

The surgical experience is broad and comprehensive and includes general, advanced laparoscopic, peripheral vascular surgery and endoscopy. The surgical rotations at Saint Francis Hospital have been combined into a single service. We have found that by doing so, there is more balance, flexibility, and improved communication among team members. Furthermore, comprehensive care for many of the various patient needs can be met easily by one team. Currently, a variety of advanced laparoscopic surgeries are being performed as well as aortic stent grafting, carotid surgery, and therapeutic endoscopy all form part of the resident operative experience.

We have a unique exposure to geriatric care that provides opportunity to manage multiple and complex medical and surgical disease processes in this elderly population. Nearly one-half of the hospitalized patients are greater than 70 years of age. This experience highlights the identification of the physiologic and pathophysiologic changes that occur with aging and will concentrate on those surgical problems that present in this age group. This will include recognition of the sometimes subtle presentation of specific disease states such as ischemic bowel, GI bleeding, and a variety of neoplastic conditions.

A rotation in Anesthesia provides intubation and invasive monitoring experience while a breast center offers training in stereotactic and ultrasound guided breast biopsy. These minimally invasive techniques combined with an active endoscopy program provide valuable outpatient procedural experience for the residency.

The conferences at Saint Francis include a daily Morning Report as well as a weekly Morbidity and Mortality and Tumor Conference. Every other week is a Pathology Conference that highlights cases that have been operated by those service team members in the prior two weeks time. This conference is very well received.

Surgery residents rotating at Saint Francis will have a unique opportunity to work alongside their colleagues in Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Radiology, and Emergency Medicine. We now also have a Transitional Resident rotating with the surgical team on a continuing basis. This interaction facilitates patient care and also fosters mutual respect amongst various healthcare givers in an integrated learning system. Additionally, medical students from the University of Illinois provide continued questioning of the status quo as well as educational stimulus to learn. Finally, an office experience provides continuity of care as well as pre and postoperative evaluation of surgical patients.

There are a variety of support services available to the residents at the hospital. This includes a full service library with the most up-to-date journals and texts, both hard copy and on-line available 24 hours a day. Parking in an enclosed garage is provided without charge as well as meals and adequate call rooms.

Surgical residents rotating at Saint Francis will work closely with the attendings and within the 80-hour weekly timeframe guidelines. An exit interview is provided at the conclusion of each resident’s rotation.

Residency Program at Saint Francis Hospital


Charles R. Gruner, M.D.

Charles R. Gruner, M.D., FACS
Bariatric And General Surgery

Matthew J. Hyser, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Matthew J. Hyser, M.D., FACS
General Surgery
Surgical Critical Care
HPB Surgery

Michael R. Prendergast, M.D.

Michael R. Prendergast, M.D., FACS
General Surgery, Vascular Surgery