Research and Scholarly Activities of the UIC/MGH Faculty and Residents:

UIC/MGH Surgery Faculty and Residents participate in many scholarly activities including:

  • Publishing peer-reviewed journal articles based on our own and collaborative original studies, both clinical and experimental.
  • Writing surgical text books and book chapters.
  • Presenting lectures, videos, and posters at national and international meetings.
  • Every resident will obtain IRB certificate by the end of first year. NIH IRB Certification Link

Members of the Faculty are expected to lead research projects and serve as mentors for residents in multiple investigational areas. Daily research is considered an important part of all surgeons academic activities. Through research, our patients and our communities benefit from better and more advanced care. Academic environment is created by the atmosphere of open and rigorous inquiry, the constant questioning and the intellectual stimulation of all involved: faculty, residents, and medical students.
Since research experience is considered important in surgical education, all residents are encouraged to develop research projects and work with Faculty members. Many residents choose to work on clinical projects. Those with interests in surgical technology and surgical education have the opportunity to work in our Surgical Skills Lab.

There are others who prefer to initiate or continue their previous work at basic science labs either at our laboratories or other academic centers. We closely collaborate with renowned investigators from the University of Illinois and other Institutions. Each Resident is expected to publish at least one original paper in a referred medical journal during the five-year residency training.

For those interested in bench, clinical or educational research, our Program offers one year of fully supported research experience after the second year of clinical training. Full time research year is devoted to work on a project either in this institution or elsewhere. Early in the second year of training, a resident can apply for this opportunity.

Surgical Research Laboratory at UIC

Creticos Cancer Center, Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center