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List of Alumni in 2007

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Tiffany Marie Willard
Address: 1400 E Boulder St, Suite 600, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Office Phone: 719-630-8111
Email: Request Access
Fellowship: Critical Care Methodist Hospital, Memphis, TN

Iva Georgiev Tzvetanov
Address: 840 S Wood St, Suite 402, Chicago, IL 60612
Office Phone: 312-996-6771
Email: Request Access
Fellowship: Transplant Fellowship University of Illinois College of Medicine

Suhail Sharif
Address: 909 9th Ave, Ste 402, Fort Worth, TX 76104
Office Phone: 817-332-0786
Email: Request Access
Fellowship: Surgical Oncology Ohio State University

John Layke
Address: 436 N Bedford Dr, Ste 308, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Office Phone: 310-275-6600
Fellowship: Nassau University Medical Center N.Y.

Khurram Ahmad Khan
Address: Colorado Spgs Health Partners, 1633 Medical Center Pt, Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Office Phone: 719-475-9800
Fellowship: Minimally Invasive Surgery at Methodist Hospital at the University of Tennessee, Memphis, TN

Alen Babakhani
Address: 1838 Health Care Dr, New Port Richey, FL 34655
Office Phone: 727-375-8528
Cell Phone: Request Access
Email: Request Access
Fellowship: Private Practice

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