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GME Core Curriculum

(Updated 10/21/14)

Each graduating resident is required to finish the following 13 interactive, faculty supervised and critiqued core modules covering the 6 ACGME competencies.  It is preferred that 3 modules are done every year of your residency.
Vijay K. Maker, MD

Your GME Core Curriculum Schedule and Course Modules 

All of the course modules to which you currently have access are listed  in the table on this page.  Check your program's schedule to see which modules are currently assigned and then click the course module's link to go directly to that module.  If you believe you should have access to course modules that are not listed in the table below, please contact Technical Support (see contact information at bottom of page.) 

Assigned Schedules  
Participating institutions and programs assign modules for completion in accordance with their individual program requirements.  Please click the following button to select and view the schedule for your particular program.

Your Course Module List 
You are already logged in and have access to the course modules listed below.  Click a link in the left-hand column to go directly to the selected module. 

UIC, GME Core Curriculum for General Competencies

Orientation Activity

GME 114: Introduction to the General Competencies (Short Course)


Program Year 1

GME 101: Medical Professionalism

GME 104: Quality, Cost, and Resource Management

GME 115: Focus on Patient Safety

GME 116: Foundations of Continuous Quality Improvement and Patient Safety


Program Year 2

GME 107: Teaching Skills for the Physician Educator

GME 111: Communications Skills for Health Care Professionals

Elective 1:  Select from electives listed below


GME 201: Approach to Developing a CQI/PS Project

GME 202: Measurement and Reporting in CQI/PS


Program Year 3

GME 103: Leadership and the Health Care Team

Elective 2:  Select from electives listed below

Elective 3:  Select from electives listed below


GME 304: Leading Change (Online Guide to Committee Activity & Online Reporting)



GME 102: Evolution, Organization and Financing of the U.S. Health Care System

GME 105: Health Care Monitoring and Regulatory Systems and Agencies

GME 106: Life-Long Learning and Evidence-Based Medicine

GME 108: Managing a Successful Medical Practice

GME 109: Fundamentals of Medical and Health Care Information Systems

GME 110: First Steps in Research Design

GME 112: Clinical Ethics for Physicians


Technical Support
If you need help participating in the online modules, please contact your online support staff using one of the methods below:

Toll-free Phone: 877-363-6656

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